I'm an engineer working in Melbourne specializing in front-end development.

Interested in: start-ups, co-founding opportunities, interesting contracts and work

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2002 to 2007

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering with majors in Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.


Western Power
2008 to 2014

Seven years working as an electrical engineer including in construction management and telecommunication design. In the last few years, worked in asset management building statistical models to predict asset failure and software to simulate statistical outcomes.


2015 onwards

Worked on the development of AudienceView – an analytics product offering deep insight to online consumer behaviour.




AngularJS, Java and Hadoop

A big data web app merging traffic analysis with offline surveys to offer deep audience insights. I developed the reporting system and took over development of the front-end.



Java, Python, PHP and Google Maps

A simulator that intelligently generated, priced and simulated the risk associated with various asset replacement scenarios. I was technical lead for this product.

service man

Service Man

Java and Android

A prototype Android app to allow Sandvik to effectively manage maintenance at service depots. I built the prototype working with an engineer from Sandvik.



Objective-C and Cocoa

An early image editor for Mac OS X that I founded and worked on until 2007. The image editor was featured in several magazines and downloaded over 1 million times.

Other work: LV Merge (a C#/.NET simulation merge tool), a financial account classifier (statistical C#/.NET tool), NRMT (a pure statistical and analytics project to predict asset failure), JSokoban, Glypha III and Anthology (Mac OS X ports of several games),
more... designs for the optic fibre connection of Willetton substation, management of several large pieces of plant installed at Busselton substation (at times requiring 24-hour work coverage) and drafting of the designs to install a new distribution transformer in the suburb of Joondanna.




6+ years

Used server-side with Spring MVC and in Android apps.



4 years

Used for scripting and by twietly.

angular-js jquery

AngularJS and jQuery

4 years

Used for AudienceView and web prototyping.

html5 css3 sql


6+ years

Used for enterprise analytics and Amusement Services and Supplies.

Other: Adobe Creative Suite, C#/.NET, PHP and Objective-C (all much loved)
git, C/C++, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 11g, Netica, Apache, Microsoft Office (including Access), SAS Enterprise Guide, Minitab, R, ArcGIS and Pascal


Chartered Electrical Engineer

Registered from 2012 to 2015 before changing industries

Recognised for predicting the Triple J Hottest 100

Read the article here

Reviewer for “ArcPy and ArcGIS”

Silas Toms; ISBN: 978-1-78398-866-2; Buy it here

The missing bit

Profiles are great but I sometimes think they miss out the most important part.
So here are three things that might not be apparent from the above:

  1. I may not be a designer but I am thoroughly enthusiastic about good design
  2. I am probably interested in your start-up or enterprise and the problems you are solving
  3. I care about the business not just the technical